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We all know by now how omega-3 benefits our bodies including our skin, and most of us know salmon contains a massive amount of this nutrient. This delicious fish is now is an important resource of one of Korean skincare's newest trending ingredients, salmon DNA fragments called polynucleotides (PN) and polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN). Rejuran, an injectable to be administered into the dermis for boosting collagen introduced antiaging benefits to the skincare world in 2014. As much as the method of injection is effective and direct, salmon skincare treatment has extended and a variety of topical products are available so needles should not be in the way anymore. Salmon DNA is also known to have 98% similarities to human DNA, so our skin is highly receptive to most of the nutrients. Along with vitamins, folic acid, and other nutrients, salmon contains a considerable amount of astaxanthin which is a powerful antioxidant. It helps regenerate post-laser skin for its wound healing properties. And more benefits are;


- Refine skin texture

- Increase skin elasticity/firmness

- Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

- Protect from sun damage

SUISKIN Salmon DN Ampoule 2ml*28ea
SUISKIN Salmon DN Ampoule 2ml*7ea
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