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Treatment step

1. Wash your face or the area where you would like to use MTS Applicator.
2. Take photos before and after using the MTS Applicator to confirm of the result.
3. Apply alcohol, Iodine, or Hydrogen Peroxide to clean the area using MTS Applicator for disinfecting and removing sebum and any makeup.
4. Apply NUMB Cream about 2mm thickness around the area, cover it with saran wrap, and wait for 20 to 30 minutes.
5. After Takeoff the saran wrap and wipe off the NUMB Cream with a spatula. Also, wipe off the cream with some gauze.
6. Use alcohol, Iodine, or Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect again if there are any opening pores or open wounds. Hardly recommending Hydrogen instead of using Alcohol.
7. Apply MTS Ampoule or STEM CELL ULTIMATE ELIXIR according to the needed treatment and save some for the Last step of the procedure.
8. V-Wand XP / AQUA / Bio Roller: Depending on the purpose of treatment, set the speed mode. Repeatedly treatment area 3~5 times in one direction. Should be holding the Handpiece at a 90-degree angle when applying. The moving speed decides the number of holes.
9. Apply MTS Ampoule or STEM CELL ULTIMATE ELIXIR from saved in step 7.
10. Apply mask according to needed after Absorption of MTS Ampoule or STEM CELL ULTIMATE ELIXIR. The masks store in the refrigerator before use for the best effectiveness.
11. Apply TA Repair Cream or Danique Super Cream to regenerate the skin, prevent infection, and ease the pain after anesthesia.
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