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Cell Fusion C Expert pH Biome Toner
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[Cell Fusion C] Expert pH Biome Toner | Skin pH Balancing, Soothing, Hydrating Facial Toner | for sensitive, post laser skin | pHarrier™, NECTARBIOME, NEO-CMS™, ECTOIN, Beta-glucan


Toner for quick soothing effect of irritated skin (contains EWG Green Grade ingredients)

A two-layer toner that provides deep moisture to relieve dryness both inside and outside the skin

* Feature

  • Toner, the first step to soft and smooth skin

 A two-layer toner that restores the natural pH balance irritated by a dermatological
procedure, facilitating a quick recovery and increasing skin’s flexibility

  • Double-effect moisturization

The toner has two layers, the pHarrier layer that provides hydration and the biome
layer that creates a moisture barrier, to hydrate both the inner and outer layers of skin

  • Intense hydration that fills from within

Contains beta-glucan, which provides 20% more hydration than hyaluronic acid,
and provides moisture to the deeper layers of skin for supple and full skin


Clinical Tests : Skin suitability test on sensitive skin, primary irritation test, instant improvement of moisture content in skin, Skin soothing (damaged by external stimuli)



Watery formula with two layers / Instantly provides deep moisture and gets absorbed without leaving the skin
feeling sticky



Shake well to mix the pHarrier layer and the microbiome layer well. Apply evenly on clean skin after cleansing





* Full Ingredients

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